Common Signs
(Common signs to look for)

Patients with CMT disease usually begin to experience symptoms in adolescence or early adulthood. In most cases, the insidious progress of CMT disease begins with mild symptoms, typically foot and ankle weakness and fatigue, and can progress to severe deformities, confinement to a wheelchair and the need for assisted breathing.

Some characteristics of CMT:

High arched feet or flat feet, hammer toes, and other foot      deformities
Frequent foot and ankle sprains
Problems with walking, running and balance
Hand weakness, difficulty with writing and other hand                function
Pain in the extremities

Although nearly as common as MS, CMT is virtually unknown to the public and is often misdiagnosed by the medical community

Peripheral Nerve Perspective

There are five main areas that are common signs of CMT

  Foot Problems

Anxiety and Disability

Jaw Weakness

Breathing Problems

       Fatigue and Tiresomeness

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