Come Take a Walk in my Shoes for a Little While
(Marah Griffith, 9th Grade)

Down the crowded street I walk trying to stand tall
People look down and stare at me
I know exactly what they are staring at
It hurts me
It’s like an arrow piercing my heart
If I could change it I would
With the blink of the eye I would change it
But I can’t
For some strange reason God has dealt me a strange and painful hand
Why is it that some people seem to float right through the crooked path of life without any pain or trouble
When me or others have so much pain on our worried hearts
It does not make any sense to me
It’s all a mystery to me
I can’t sit and wonder why I have this pain and others don’t
But instead I have to wake up each morning
and try as hard as I can to be as strong as steel
And know that in the end I will be the stronger and wiser person
Since I’m the one that has to deal with this horrible pain in my heart
Never letting others know how much I really do hurt inside
I wish people understood
They can't
Their minds can’t comprehend or even know the pain that some of us have to walk with every day
Our worries are so much bigger than theirs
It’s not their fault they can’t understand our pain
But they should be careful not to be so quick to judge
Because that person their judging could be a truly wonderful person full of love and life
Always ready to share it
So, next time don’t laugh and gawk
Maybe think about what it is like to be them
Why don’t you take a walk in mine or their shoes for a little while