2011 Race Agenda

Sarurday, October 15, 2011
8:30-9:15    Check in and registration
9:30            Mandatory pre-race meeting
10:00          Race begins
10:05          Walk and Nature Walk begins
11:00          Awards ceremony-top of Incline
Volunteers and Sponsors Needed

The sixth Annual, Marah Griffith, Johnstown Inclined Plane Trail Run & Nature Walk for Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (CMT) cancelled for 2012

"Not a Walk in the Park"
Benefits The CMT Foundation


This event is dedicated to Marah Griffith who died, at age 16, on
Christmas Day 2001 in Vail, Colorado of respiratory arrest as a
consequence of CMT. Click on Marah's picture for story.

Lace up your running shoes (tightly), have a fun morning, burn some calories and help fight the most common inherited peripheral neuropathy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (CMT). This event is a not as insane as it may appear. It is a a fun family affair, in a incredible setting, for a great cause.
The Race (2.3 miles) follows the walking path up the side of the “hill” and then splits onto a wide picturesque fern lined trail. The race then leaves the woods and the final leg includes a scenic .7 mile run through old Westmont to the top of the Incline Plane.
The Nature Walk, which will include an optional naturalist guided tour, is a more direct (vertical) route along the Incline Plane wilderness trail.  A fun learning experience and children love it.
Thanks to the Cambria County Transit Authority, rides up and down the Incline are free during the event for participants, their families and friends. 
Please join us for a very interesting morning. BigFoot has again scheduled a sighting.
Register Sunday morning at the bottom of the Incline or, preferably, mail your entry form by Oct 12 or register in Johnstown  at  JP Turner & Co.,142 Gazebo Park (2nd floor above the old Hello Shop)--814-539-2341.
The elusive Bigfoot is scheduled to start the race again this year
Bigfoot sighting